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Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Hell

Does anyone else want to crawl into the fetal position and weep when presented with the task of uploading, printing, and organizing your digital photos? If you are a routine scrapbooker, then you are an alien creature and we probably aren't friends. But if you're anything like me, you have approximately eight years' worth of digital pictures sitting on your computer (possibly multiple computers since you probably upgraded recently), causing you anxiety at the mere thought of sorting through and printing and displaying them. Every once in a blue moon, I'll try to print a truly great pic (they are so few and far between), but I'm usually abused by my POS inkjet printer telling me that it's out of Cyan ink (for a hilarious and oh-so-true take on printer misery, see The Oatmeal's comic), so I inevitably give up and assume the fetal position.

This means that all the pictures displayed in my house are circa 2005 or earlier. I have a framed picture of my two year-old niece on my mantel. Except she'll be 10 in September. And a picture of my husband and me before we were married, and we are coming up on our six-year anniversary. I have framed vacation pictures from a trip my husband and I took in 2001. I also have three small empty frames sitting on my dresser - they have been there, sans photo, for approximately three years (maybe longer!). This is a sad state of affairs. What is one to do? 

I love digital cameras - you can see your pictures right away, retake the unfortunate double-chin or eyes-closed shots, and take 100 pictures of the same thing because, "I can delete the bad ones later." Trouble is, you don't. (Multiply the 100 pictures of the same thing by the amount of times that you do this, and you get...about 10,000 crappy pictures). So now you have 10,000 crappy pictures on your computer, which you just blindly uploaded and didn't take the time to sort through. There they are, staring you in the face and taunting you.

Adding to the misery, I have a smattering of printed pictures from over the years - a couple I have printed myself, a couple that my mom has given me (my mom is annoyingly great about maintaining photo albums), and some from friends and family. What does one do with these mismatched, random pictures?? We have the printed, the non-printed, and the should-be-printed. I am overwhelmed. Who has the time to go through all their pictures from the last 7-8 years? Not I. 

I bought a Shutterfly coupon for a photo book that expires on June 26th. I was determined to make a photo album of my honeymoon! I worked on it all this weekend and finally completed it today. I was so proud. Oh, and in case you didn't catch it earlier, I got married six years ago. This is how pathetic I am at keeping up with my pictures and albums. 

But, thank God for Shutterfly. As I discovered this weekend, making a photo book couldn't be easier. My resolutions: to timely upload my digital pictures, immediately go through and delete the turkeys and duplicates, make photo albums for worthy events, print great pics and frame, and then stop stressing. Oh, and those random, mismatched pictures? Throw them in a box called, "Misc. pics" and be done with it. Ah, I feel better already.


  1. I love this post as I can totally relate! I just finished organizing some of my digital mess on my laptop.. ;)

  2. I am a devout Shutterfly photo book fan, too! I love having a hard copy album in my hands, and like you said, they're so easy to make. Congrats on finishing the honeymoon album! :)